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Dave G., from Maine writes:
"Just received Garden Tracker today and what a full fledged program it is."
Daniel M., from Illinois writes:
"I've just started using the Garden Tracker program, and I like what I see.  It's exactly what I wanted and more."
Beth M., from Maine writes:
"So far your program is exactly what I would have designed if I could!.  It's beautiful."
Susan M., from Connecticut writes:
"The program is just what I needed to get my business organized for the 2004 season"
Andrea D., from New Jersey writes:
"I must say, it's rather clever of you, the way you set up this program.  I'm quite impressed.  Love the binder - the whole thing, it's great.  THANK YOU!!"
Cheryl B., from New Jersey writes:
This is the best product on the market for labeling plants in your home garden.  Fantastic!  A must for the home gardener who has 'lost' a plant due to insufficient memory!  The garden journal features, To-dos, wish list, and library features are also essential for keeping track of my gardening details.  I love this product.

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