FAQs (and Important Information)

Where is my Garden Tracker Data stored?

Garden Tracker data is stored in a file named "!Garden_Tracker_Data.mdb"

This file was installed into the Garden Tracker directory folder. The main application file, Garden_Tracker.mdb writes all your data to the data file named above. You should back up the Garden Tracker Data file on a regular basis. Also, you should rename and move this file before reinstalling the Garden Tracker application from the restall disk.

How can I back up my data?

To backup your Garden Tracker data, make a copy of the !Garden_Tracker_Data.mdb file. This file is in the Garden Tracker application folder that was created during install.

I like to change the file name of my backup files to include the data of the backup. That way, I can't unintentionally overwrite a different backup file, or the main data file for my application.

How do I move Garden Tracker to a new Computer?

Congratulations on upgrading to a new computer! Follow the steps below to install Garden Tracker on your new system?

  1. Install the Garden Tracker application to the new computer from the original install disk.
  2. After the install is complete, make a copy of the Garden Tracker data file (!Garden_Tracker_Data.mdb) from your old computer.
  3. Copy this data file to your new computer.
  4. Link to this copy of the Garden Tracker data file using the 'Relink Tables' button in the Garden Tracker application on the toolbar.

Note: It is a good idea to rename the data file before relinking. For instance, my data file has been renamed to !Daru_Garden_Tracker_data.mdb. By renaming the file, if you ever need to reinstall Garden Tracker from the install disk, there is no worry about over-writing your precious garden data.

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Will Garden Tracker run on Windows 7?

Although we have not tested Garden Tracker on the 64 bit version of Windows 7, we have several users running our application on this version without issue. At Dynamic Software, we run Garden Tracker currently on the 32 bit version of Windows 7 without any issues.

What is happening when I see error messages on application startup?

In order for Garden Tracker to work properly, it must be able to connect to a second file that stores all the data (your data and the reference information). Sometimes, this connection is not made correctly when the application is installed, or, for some reason, the connection gets broken. When this happens, every time you click something related to data you will get an error message.

There is a very simple method of re-connecting to your data if you need to. Simply click the 'Relink Tables' button on the toolbar at the top of the screen, browse to your data files (!Garden Tracker Data.mdb), which should be in the same directory as your application file, Garden Tracker.mdb. When you close the Browse window, the tables will be relinked, and the application will behave itself once again.

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How do I modify list data?

Most of the drop-down lists allow the user to enter new values, if not already in the list. Sometimes mistakes are made when doing this, or a value is no longer needed and should be deleted. There is a List Management component in Garden Tracker to allow you to manage the values in every list that you can update at will. To access this component, click the 'List Data' toolbar button.

Can I delete a Reference Variety record?

Yes, Reference Variety and Reference Specie records can be deleted. However, all associated information must be deleted first. If you try to delete a reference record that has associated information, the system will warn you with a pop-up message. Once you delete all 'My Variety' records, then you should be able to delete a Reference Variety record.

How many Plant Varieties can I track?

You can track as many varieties as you can plant! Garden Tracker allows you to keep track of as many gardens and as many plants as you want -- literally! You can track millions. So, happy tracking.

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Why do my pictures look out of shape?

Garden Tracker was designed to use pictures that were taken in a horizontal (not vertical) orientation. The horizontal orientation has about a 3 X 2 proportion of width to height. If your pictures, clip art, or images follow these proportions, your pictures should look fine on screen and when printed from Garden Tracker.

Can Worksheets be printed in a smaller size?

No. This is an interesting concept, for those of you that like to carry a smaller journal into the garden. We are looking into this feature for a future release.

Will Garden Tracker run on a MAC?

Sorry, No! Garden Tracker is a Windows (PC) based application.

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