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Habitat Tracker is an integrated approach to teaching kids:

bulletHow to make observations about a habitat, 
bulletHow to record their observations
bulletHow to electronically manage the data they record, 
bulletHow to analyze their data using a computer.

Habitat Tracker provides all the tools necessary to teach these concepts, along with an appreciation of the complexities of natural habitats, to students in grades 5 to 12.

Our Objectives

To get kids interested in nature  AND  teach them how to use a computerized database system.

Product Profile

Students make Observations with the aid of Habitat Tracker Exercises.

Students Collect their habitat data using Habitat Tracker Worksheets.

Students Manage their habitat data electronically using the 
Habitat Tracker Database software.

Students Analyze their habitat data using the Habitat Tracker system Reports.

Contact Information

For more information on Habitat Tracker, or any of our related products, please contact Dynamic Software:

Postal address
PO Box 502, Perrineville, NJ  08535
Electronic mail
General Information: info@habitat-tracker.com
Webmaster: info@daru.com


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