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Habitat Tracker Projects are designed to incorporate various skills and techniques learned in the Habitat Tracker Program into a fun activity for the students.  These Projects teach the students how to apply the concepts learned throughout the Habitat Tracker Program to new situations.
(To view the Projects, you must have Adobe Acrobat Viewer Installed)

bulletCreating a Habitat Journal
bulletKnow Your Facts!  Wildlife Trading Cards
bulletAnd Behind Rock #3 We Have:  Habitat Scavenger Hunt
bulletWhat's Your Habitat IQ?  Play a Habitat Memory Game
bulletWhere's the Beef?  Habitat Food Chain
bulletLet's Propagate!  Habitat Seed Collection
bulletFinding Our Roots:  Growing Plants from Seed
bulletFor the Birds:  How Many Will You See?
bulletWho Inhabits Your Habitat?  You Have 20 Questions!
bulletShare Your Habitat:  Habitat Gifts


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