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The Habitat Tracker Software application, and associated workbook, provide all the tools students need to complete all the exercises, worksheets, and analysis in during their Habitat Tracking!

Habitat Tracker Software                 Pricing

The Habitat Tracker program requires the purchase of one software license per computer.  Each license comes with one student workbook.  Multiple students can share the same software license.  

Habitat Tracker Student Workbook    Pricing

Additional student workbooks can be purchased separately.  If multiple students are sharing one software license, then an additional workbook should be purchased for each of the additional students.

Habitat Tracker Teacher Workbook    Pricing
The Teacher Workbook is an instructional guide to the Habitat Tracker Program.  This workbook includes annotated exercises and worksheets, sample reports, additional instructions, and some sample accessories produced from the Habitat Tracker application.
Garden Tracker

Garden Tracker is very similar to Habitat Tracker.  It is designed for gardeners who want to organize their gardening data using the computer.  Garden Tracker has additional tools for following plants from year to year and for tracking the precise blossoming or harvest periods of different types of vegetation.  

If you are looking for an application to keep track of garden or habitat data over a longer period of time than a school year, and the project is more plant oriented, then Garden Tracker may be a better tool than Habitat Tracker.  Please give us a call.  We would be happy to help you determine the best tracking tool for your needs!



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